you need
  • - tulle;
  • - thread;
  • - iron;
  • - weights;
  • - bias binding.
observe a few general rules applicable no matter what your taste.So the curtain lined require single hem.Make sure that when the suture needle capture one warp thread.In this case, allowance is released neat stitches and - invisible from the front.
Measure the length you need.Check with a tape colored chalk on tulle line that will show you the desired length of the product.This value is affected by the width of the hem.If there is too much fabric, exactly cut too much.
progladte tulle and align the edges, if necessary.Fold edge evenly, making long stitches.For convenience, you can pre-fasten the futu
re joint pins at a distance of 10 cm from one another.To your work immediately looked carefully, iron the seam each.
If you do not deal with a large tulle on the ironing board, spread a clean sheet on the floor and work on it.
hem can be done manually, but you can use a sewing machine or adhesive tape.The choice depends on the style of curtains, and your skill.From hand-stitch hem and oblique use countersunk seams.
for seamless hems find sided adhesive interlining.From it cut the strip of the desired length, and insert that into the fold allowance.Iron the seam iron, be careful not to burn the tulle.
When working on the sewing machine, choose medium or large stitch length.
If you need to pull the edges of the tulle, so he went pretty heavy waves, attach special weights for curtains.These come in the form of a small metal disc or a chain.Their weight is also different.His Pick proportional to the length and weight of tulle fabric.Usually discs sewn into the side seams.
The heavy dense fabric weights can be hidden in the lining.Place the chain along the fold line, secure the ends and in a few places tack manual stitch.
double hem to leave 15 centimeters of tissue, 7.5 - at every seam.Please do one hem, and then treat the side edges with weights in the completion of a second joint prostrochite bottom hem.
case of insufficient length of the fabric, where it is impossible to allocate extra centimeters, is used to process the edge tulle oblique Bakey suitable color.If you allow the style of curtains, sew lace braid.As an option, it can be used to hem the fabric strip of tulle curtains that will hang on the curtains in the kit.