you need
  • - sewing machine,
  • - thread to match the fabric,
  • - scissors,
  • - curtain tapes,
  • - iron.
In processing the upper edge of the tulle lace curtain note that the tapes should be shorter than the width of the top of the fabric about 3 cm on each side.The ends of the cord, which can later pull tulle in beautiful folds, must remain at least 10 cm. Baste and then stitched to the curtain webbing upper edge of fabric, folded them face inward.Bend the braid inside out.Then, the resulting iron the fold, slipping down the seam on the wrong side of 1,5-2sm.Baste together prostrochite fabric stitched into the seam, or close to the seam, which sewed Curtain tape.Lay tulle on a flat surface to avoid skewing the fabric, and then bas
te the lower edge of the tape to the material.Turn right side out and check how exactly is basting.You can then sew the bottom edge.The top of your tulle is ready! If you choose not use curtain tape, processing of tissue will be much easier.Just tuck the edge of the 2 × 2-2.5 cm and Stitch.However, this kind of top tulle loses much in comparison with the treated special curtain tape.
Top tulle treated with curtain tape
To order sides, tuck the edges on the wrong side of 2 x 1.5 cm. Then, baste and stitched.Be careful When sewing the seam at the top of the cut.You need to close the ends of the curtain tape, hiding them in the hem side seam.The ends of the cord for tightening paintings remain outside.
If your tulle a festoon edge or otherwise treated on the bottom of the web, it does not require further obrabotki.Esli edge can not be processed, you will need to tuck the fabric 2 x 3-5 cmand flash.The width of the stitching often depends on the fabric design.The larger the pattern, or thickness of the fabric, the usually wider hem.Your tulle ready!Pull the curtain tape it to the desired size.Let him decorate your house and delight loved ones.