you need
  • - fabric for curtains;
  • - line;
  • - chalk;
  • - pins;
  • - needle;
  • - thread.
Measure the length of the curtains, and determine what should be the width of the curtain, to lay folds obtain the desired width of the window.For example, if the length of the curtains - 2 meters, then multiply by 2 to 3, and add to the result of 15 cm. Therefore, the width of the curtains will be 6.15 m.
Lay fabric necessarily shared by threads.To start laying folds , check the entire length of the fabric segments equal to the width of one folds - 10 cm. The segments chalk mark.Some laid the cloth on the ironing board, others use a special strap lined with cloth, pinning her to the fold -zagotovki.
Form first fold.To do this in the first two labels attach pins.The distance between them is 10 cm. The fabric at the third mark tilt to the first pin and kill it too.So to get the first fold.Fourth kill the mark with a pin at the second mark, which is the width of two folds.And so on until the end tissue.
finished assembly folds, ready-made curtains sew by hand or machine suture.Pre-product can be trained.