you need
  • Shoe downy-feather pillows
  • - gauze
  • - threads, needles
  • - soap (200 g)
  • - ammonia (1 tsp.)
  • - water (5 liters)
  • - washing machine and drying
  • pillows with synthetic fillings
  • - washing machine
  • - powder
  • - tennis balls
  • pillows filled with buckwheat.
  • - tight p / e package
  • - soap solution
  • - large tray
Shoe downy-feather pillows.
Fold the cheesecloth in two layers and sew from her three bags.Backwater corner of pillows, sew to this place a gauze bag.Shaking pillow , pour the part of the pen in the bag.This operation puncture until all the pen is not distributed over the bags.
Melt the soap in a small amount of water on the fir
e.The pelvis is add water, soapy water and ammonia.Put into a bowl bags for 1 hour.Hands easy to wash down and feathers in bags.Do not twist and strongly do not wrinkle.Then rinse the bags in several waters.Last water should be cold.
bags Hang to dry in a shaded place.Periodically Ted content so that it does not get off lumpy.Feather and down prosohnut.Otdelno must fully wash the pillow-case.Rub his paraffin candle inside, iron the iron that did not get out the fluff.Tamp napernik dried out filler
Wash downy-feather pillow in a washing machine having a drying function.On the pillow tight fasten pillow to suddenly torn pillow-case, cushion put into the machine.Wash at 30 degrees.Then dry it in the machine. pillow finally dried in a warm ventilated place periodically overturn it to dry out evenly and fan.
pillows with synthetic fillings.Put
pillow in the washing machine.Shove a couple of tennis balls in the washing machine drum.Wash on the regime for synthetics.Tennis balls do not give content skomkivatsya pillows.
pillows filled with buckwheat.
thrust pillow and pour the husk in a tight package.Fill in a soapy water and rinse filler.Sprinkle washed buckwheat husk on a tray and dry the battery or the sun.