spot from iodine recommended to remove things from the wrong side, using a clean cotton swab or a disc.And wet stain remover must first place around the spot, and then the edges, gradually moving to the middle of the dirt.This method of treatment eliminates the likelihood that rasplyvetsya spot on the clean surface of things.
most effective way to remove stains from iodine - is rubbing dirt ordinary raw potatoes.Naturally, after the
potatoes should be cut in half.Do not be alarmed if you notice that spot from iodine , grated potatoes, suddenly turns blue.It's just a result of the interaction of starch with iodine.Purified from the dirt portion clothes wash in soapy water.If stain persists, repeat the procedure 2-3 times.
Perfectly cleans stains from iodine combination of vinegar and baking soda.First, sprinkle baking soda pollution.Then drip on him a couple of drops of vinegar and leave the rotten thing iodine impregnated with a solution overnight.In the morning, rinse the item in cold water.If you remove the stain from iodine using vinegar and baking soda you choose morning or afternoon, the solution to the pollution must be left for 10-12 hours.
Remove spot from iodine at home can also use ammonia.Dissolve a teaspoon of it in two cups of water and wipe with a solution of this pollution.After 10-15 minutes, thoroughly wash the thing in soapy water.Instead of ammonia can be used and hypo (sodium thiosulfate), which can be purchased in any studio.
If iodine spoiled bright blouse or a dress, decorated with floral patterns, pollution is better to remove a cotton swab dipped in denatured alcohol. completely remove the stain from iodine with clothes, rinse in cold water thing.