There are several ways to bring the carpet in order.Start with traditional methods.If you started a carpet cleaning in the winter, bring it out and carefully beat out from the inside the special stick.After that, clean the snow, for example, dense clumps.
If your carpet is not so much dirty, sprinkle with fine salt.With its help you lift the pile, will attach to it shine and get rid of the dust.Upon completion of the procedure, just dip a broom to sweep up the soapy water and salt from the carpet.If the fines are still on the surface, remove them beater.
great way to clean carpet and raise the pile will be the use of wheat bran or sawdust.In the latter c
ase, write them and soak in soapy water, in which pre-pour a little gasoline.Now proceed to clean the carpet.First, carefully knock it, then moisten with a solution of vinegar (a bucket of water should be only 2 tablespoons), and in the end, wipe the sawdust.Bran "ready" a little differently.In particular, take the 5 liters of water per kilogram of bran and mix them.After you drain the fluid, soak the carpet and wipe it with a dry cloth.
Owners carpet with a short nap can also slightly lift it.To do this, take a small piece of stale black bread and rub her carpet.At the end of a broom sweep up crumbs or sponge.
Quite often are formed in the carpet pile Zamina.To get rid of them, hold on a carpet steam in problem areas and then carefully knock him from the inside.This will raise the nap.To make the carpet original form, processed iron the iron seat.Do this on the weight.If desired, you can add a little nap on the carpet faded areas.To do this with the help of wool yarn loops done on its front side, and then cut with scissors and get the ring Trim.
As you can see, back carpet beautiful appearance easy.The main thing - hard work.