First, you need to determine the origin and composition of stains on the shirt, it is fresh or inveterate.If you do not know where there was a spot, first try a universal way - warm soapy water.Grease stain soap, and then rinse with clean water.If the stain does not disappear, it is necessary to proceed to a more effective means.
most often appear on T-shirts spots from deodorants.You can get them by soaking clothes in salt.Per liter of water take one tablespoon of salt.Also good washes traces of deodorant usual children's soap.Another way to get rid of the yellow armpit - wine vinegar (1 tbsp. L. A glass of water).
Fresh grease stains can be derived with the help of chalk.Pour the powder on a T-
shirt, so leave it for a few hours, and then remove the chalk brush.In the same way, but only gruel of potato flour, one can get rid of long-standing grease stains.After remove the flour, dab the stain with a cotton swab dipped in gasoline.
often on T-shirts, especially the children, there stains from chocolate, coffee and cocoa.Here we will help glycerin.Heat glycerin to 35 degrees, and dab the stain with this solution.Launder as usual thing.The same method will help with spots x from fish and sauces.
Pollution from grass well-cleaned with a soap solution together with ammonia.The same alcohol mixed with glycerin relieve you of spots of strong tea.
bring a lot of problems on the spot berries and red wine.But from them, too, you can get rid of, is already using the egg yolk and glycerol.Mix equal parts of them, put on the spot, after two or three hours wash the T-shirt in the warm water.
If the clothes have stains blood, then soak the thing in the first few hours in cold water, and then wash as usual in warm or hot water.
iodine stains can be removed with the help of potato starch.To start a t-shirt, moisten the stain and gently wipe the starch.The procedure is performed as long as the stain is gone.
Sometimes we manage to put on a t-shirt spots nail polish.Do not despair, like pollution can be removed with acetone.To do this, dab the stain with cotton wool soaked in acetone.Then thoroughly rinse thing.