a primary consideration of any fabric made thing.Thin fabrics require delicate handling, so wash things out of the tender materials in a power saving mode (the low water temperature, light spin and so on).Things of dense tissue can expose more impact.
Use special formulations designed for manufacturers of washing white linen.The chemical industry produces a variety of bleaching agents: special soaps, powders, stain removers, bleaches.When choosing a means pay attention to the degree of soiling.
preliminary soaking helps to cope with many problems.Leave the white stuff for a few hours in soapy water, then most of the dirt can easily wash off.Using powder
with blue granules, watch for so that they are completely soluble in water, or a white linen remain blue spots and stains.
If traditional remedies do not help, use of folk remedies.For example, white socks, soak for a few hours in a solution of warm water and 2-3 tablespoons of boric acid.Or 10 liters of warm water dissolve 2 tablespoons of bleach, 1 cup of washing powder and leave it in this solution white linen two and a half hours.
When machine washing is required to use not only detergent but also add amplifiers powder and special formulations for bleaching, which will refresh the color or give it a barely noticeable bluish tinge that makes underwear visually whiter.
Boiling white linen gives good results.If you choose to boil laundry bleach, remember that just because things are boiled sufficiently dense tissue.Well tolerated boiling linen and cotton fabrics.Make sure that the average ratio of the bleaching solution and the linen was 10: 1, boil underwear no more than 30 minutes of boiling water.
to remove stains before washing treat contaminated sites with special stain removers.Collars and cuffs white shirts too, it is recommended to pre-treat the stains with special means.