you need
  • Turpentine, acetone, alcohol, a sharp knife, cotton, detergent
If the appearance spots of paint did not go more than three hours, tryto wash the product ordinary soap or detergent.Very often, this surgery helps remove the stain completely.The faster you will take to remove the stain, the better chance of success.
Unlike gouache and watercolor, oil paint removal is not a simple matter.Put on a cotton swab or a normal little turpentine, acetone or alcohol.Gently wipe the stain of paint on fabric , removing excess.Wipe must be from the edge of the spot to the center.Consider only that acetone can not remove stains on leather and ammonia change the color of some products.
Use to remove stains from oil pai
nt and refined gasoline, which can be purchased at a hardware store.Use it easy - just put on a cotton swab to wipe the stain.Be careful - regular gasoline is used as fuel for the car, in this case does not fit.He can remove the main pollution, but will add to it new spots, print that would be virtually impossible.
especially careful Treat stain cleaning products made of cashmere or wool.If such woven products appeared on the spot of oil paint, gasoline or acetone will not help you.Put on the spot a little sunflower oil and remove excess paint with fabric cotton or gauze.
inveterate stains of paint on fabric initially treat carefully with a sharp knife or razor blade to prevent damage to the product.Then, soak contaminated area with alcohol, acetone, and treat with a cotton swab.Most likely this process will have to be repeated several times until no traces of paint.After this treatment, prepare a strong solution of baking soda and wipe the place where the spot.At the end of the product tissue must be washed with detergent.