you need
  • - scraper or a knife;
  • - rags;
  • - sponge;
  • - means for polishing of furniture;
  • - hot water, warm and cold water;
  • - detergents and soaps;
  • - towel;
  • - chalk or starch;
  • - iron;
  • - absorbent paper or cotton fabric;
  • - ammonia;
  • - stain remover;
  • - ice;
  • - brush.
Remove wax with a wooden cabinet furniture easier than soft - you just need to gently scrape the frozen dirt blunt side of a kitchen knife or a scraper of plastic.You can also use the spatula.Be careful not to damage the lacquered or pain
ted decorative surface.Then carefully wipe the wood with a soft cloth soaked in a special facility for this type of polishing furniture .If the household chemicals produced in the form of a spray, then sprinkle remaining after the first scraped surface wax and grease stain and then wipe it dry with a cloth seat.
If you can easily remove the stained linen surface of the sofa or chair (eg, cover), the sheet under the wrong part of the cleaning cloth folded several times a towel on the front side - several layers of porous cloth or absorbentpaper.Start to iron the wax iron, so that he was absorbed into the pores of the lining.As the dirt canvas or paper must be replaced.
Please note that the operating temperature of the iron should be selected based on the properties of woven upholstery.After cleansing wash and wax Case furniture in warm soapy water and thoroughly vypoloschite first in warm, then cold water.
Be careful if you iron an iron colored upholstery, colored candles dripped.After this heat treatments you are likely to dye wax and even more vestsya in tissue structure, and will remove the stain much more difficult.Try a suitable stain remover, do not forget to test its effect in an inconspicuous area of ​​the furniture upholstery (for example, on the wrong side of a sofa or chair, or the included some new products scrap of fabric).
If you are convinced of the durability of color upholstery fabric, you can several times lower blurred wax th place in boiling water - wax quickly melt and flow down, and you will only have to wash the item in warm water withdetergent.
To remove wax stains and soft furniture , without removing the upholstery, you must give the hot liquid to solidify, and carefully scrape off the wax .Before that, it is well frozen, putting a contaminated ice.Carefully scrape off the wax oic layer.
Then you can use the absorbent (absorbent) means - potato starch or white school chalk pounded into a powder and sifted to avoid lumps.For best results, you can heat the absorbent on a cast iron skillet, pour it on the stain of fat (it will inevitably remain at furniture after removal wax congealed a) and cover with several layers of paper towels.Deposed press them with a heavy object, and you can leave the furniture cleaned overnight.During this time, the powder gradually absorbs the fat.
Remove the dried crust of dirty chalk or starch brush and clean the problem area on furniture with soapy water and then clean water.Preferred in this case to use a foam sponge.
Finally, to cope with wax th on soft furniture will help any permanent assistant homemaker - household ammonia.Proceed step by step: let the hardened wax;scrape its surface;treat pollution of smelling salts and then with a sponge and clean water.