you need
  • lemon, lemon juice, gauze, baking soda, vinegar, iron, toothpaste, a 2% solution of hydrochloric acid, ammonia, detergent, fabric softener.
One detergent rust stains from white clothes are not removed.Be sure to need more powerful auxiliary cleaning agent.For example, a toothpaste.Apply on toothbrush white toothpaste with whitening effect.Rub paste rusty stain, let it soak into the fabric, then wash the thing with detergent in warm water.Using toothpaste can be cleaned even the most delicate and sensitive to the effects of chemicals tissue.
Squeeze of lemon juice.Moisten a cotton swab in it and rub the fabric.If so the stain is still not removed, smooth place with a hot iron stain soaked with lemon juice.Once the wash item as usual.
Wrap a slice of lemon pulp
without skin in a layer of gauze.Apply gauze with lemon to the rust stains on top and put the hot iron for a few seconds.Then place the item into the automatic washing machine and wash in the mode corresponding to the tissue of clothes.
Mix one part vinegar with the same amount of lemon juice.Apply the mixture on the rust stains.Allow 15 minutes.Gently rub with a dry brush this place.Launder thing in warm or cool water with soap substance.
Make of baking soda and water gruel.Apply it on the rust stains on clothes.Suppose the mixture remain on the fabric for 20 minutes.Rinse with soda cloth with cool water, wash the thing with baby soap or bleach detergent.
Buy hydrochloric acid - a 2% solution.Pour the solution into a bowl, dip it in the white thing with rusty stains on it.Keep the cloth in the solution until the stains are dissolved by acid attack and disappear.Then pour into a bowl with clean water 3 tablespoonsammonia.Put it in hydrochloric acid-treated cloth, rinse thoroughly.If desired, after this procedure, the thing can be washed with a powder and fabric softener in the machine-machine.