you need
  • - ammonia;
  • - salt;
  • - toothbrush;
  • - powder or soap;
  • - ammonia;
  • - green tomato juice;
  • - talc;
  • - bleach;
  • - oxalic acid;
  • - glycerol.
Prepare home-effective detergent composition, which will help get rid of both the tomato stains and other contamination of the product origin.Mix in a glass one teaspoon of ammonia and salt.Apply the pulp of a tomato on the stain and leave for forty minutes.After time, remove the dried up mixture of dry toothbrush and wash the item in warm soapy water.
If you just accidentally set themselves a spot on her blouse, dress or pants, immediately pour it thick layer of salt.Then rinse under running warm water.Take a cotton cosmetic disk and soak i
n ammonia, carefully treat the contaminated area.From spots will be over.By the way, the stain of tomato juice can be derived using the juice of green tomatoes.Pour it on top of dirt and liberally sprinkle with talcum powder.An hour later, rinse the product under lukewarm water and hang to dry.
When the spot immediately undertake his removal, otherwise pollution will be much harder to remove.First of all it is recommended to wash the item in warm water with gentle powder and bleach (containing oxygen, which is suitable not only for white, but colored fabrics).Thoroughly rinse and wring thing.Dilute the two grams of oxalic acid in a glass of water.Moisten a white cloth in the prepared solution and rub the stain from the tomato.Finally wash the area with warm water.If necessary, repeat the procedure again.
Mix one part ammonia to four parts of glycerin (these components are sold in a pharmacy).Rinse contaminated item, then apply the mixture on the tomato stain and leave for a couple of hours.Further, the product should be washed in warm water with the addition of the powder, rinse and wring out.Spot should be removed by.