you need
  • - means for removing oil stains;
  • - cotton pad;
  • - washing powder.
If you just put the stain, then immediately sprinkle it heavily with salt, soda or starch.Absorbent material quickly absorb the main fat, and you will deal only with the remnants of contamination.For this abundantly pour on the stain dishwashing detergent, leave to dry and wash the fabric in the washing machine with any synthetic detergent designed for white or colored fabrics.
If you accidentally spilled oil on a product which can not be washed, you can use the services of dry cleaning which will remove any stains without further washing.Or rub the stain with gasoline high purity and process cotton pad soaked in a medical or denatured alcohol.You can also apply on-site pollution from pulp
soda moistened with water, leave to dry.Then clean clothes brush structure and wipe with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol.Blot off the oil safely removed without subsequent washing of the product.
In addition to the funds to remove grease stains from articles to be washed, you can use stain remover under the trade name "Vanish".Before use read the label, which contains detailed instructions for use.Put on the spot, add a scoop for washing."Vanish" release to remove stains from white and colored fabrics, use the fact that you need to remove the stains from your belongings.
Any dissolving agents such as benzene, acetone, a solvent 646, kerosene, mineral spirits easily remove any greasy stains, need only apply one of the means to a cotton pad and carefully wipe the place of pollution, butsolvents are aggressive and can damage the structure of the fabric structure, so check before using their effect on an inconspicuous area of ​​the fabric.Unless there was a burnt spot, safely carry out the removal of oily stains from the right place on things.
composition of equal parts ammonia and turpentine as admirably with fat stains and is safe for the fabric.Remove stains from said means delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet, velvet, lace, wool.