Before using a particular tool should know exactly what material is made thing, and how it perceives the impact of chemicals.In addition, the paint is different, too.Basically, the problem creates oil stains.
If the stain is fresh (it no longer than a couple of hours), you can try to simply remove the paint improvised means and faded jacket.However, if the jacket is made of cloth, it may remain a small spot in the form of a fuzzy fingerprint.
You can try to remove the stain remover nail polish (well, if it is without aceto
ne).It is less active than the various technical solvents, so the big risk of damage to the material there.If the tool does not work, it will have to proceed to tougher measures.
Excellent help kerosene, gasoline, acetone, turpentine or ammonia, but their use should be very careful.The surface can be spoiled, and ammonia may leave trails.When using different chemicals is best to try their effect on some hidden plot jackets .
Helps paint thinner, but it means, though reliable, but should be used with caution.
By using different chemicals should not take a large amount.Cleaning should be gradually, if the stain is small enough to use a cotton swab or a tampon.Once the stain removed, the jacket must be washed.It is possible that have to be washed several times, at least, to eliminate the smell of chemicals.In no case do not wash treated by chemical means of the jacket along with other things.Firstly, they may absorb unpleasant odor, and secondly, on other things may leave traces.
Some advise to try to iron surface jacket over a blank sheet of paper iron.Try, of course, possible, but this method is effective mainly for cloth jackets, and then marks the spots have to be removed later.On leather things, this method is better not to use a very high risk of damage to material, in addition, even if the stain will be able to remove, can remain on the surface of the undulating tracks.On balonevyh jackets irons better not to apply for the same reasons, though, if we act carefully, the stain can be removed.