Tip 1: How to clean suede patches of fat

Suede - The material is soft and extremely aesthetic, but he is quite moody.Suede products can quickly lose its appeal if their owners do not treat them gently and constantly care for those things.One of the common problems faced by owners of shoes and clothing made of natural tanned hides - a sleek body spots .To get rid of them, you have to work hard.
you need
  • - chalk, starch or talc;
  • - brush with soft bristles;
  • - ammonia;
  • - gasoline;
  • - water;
  • - sponge;
  • - absorbent paper and the press;
  • - a special tool for cleaning suede;
  • - a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment;
  • - wool;
  • - gentle cleanser.
surface covered with fine suede nap thing, which is quite swollen by absorbed moisture.After drying the product slightly shrinks and hardens, making shoes or clothes can be reduced in size and become less comfortable to wear.Therefore, the most preferable to try to clean suede from fatty stains dry.For this sprinkle dirt on any absorbent (absorbent powder).In such cases use i
s often crushed chalk, talc or potato starch.
Leave contaminated suede 30-60 minutes to an absorbent powder is properly absorbed with fat stains for constant surface.After that you need to thoroughly clean the product, preferably with a soft rubber brush.
If the stain is grease on the suede is not cleared in this manner, prepare a special cleaning solution.You can buy a commercial vehicle that is suitable for this kind of material, Household chemistry.Do not forget to check it for any unobtrusive spot products, as some aggressive gels and liquids can discolor a beautiful thing!Proceed according to instructions.
use some means at hand, which is also nice to remove grease stains with suede.For example, there are a few proven recipes:
• absorbent powder is mixed with ammonia in the slurry, and the mixture is rubbed pollution.When the mixture is completely dry, scrub it with a brush cleaning suede surface.
• You can just mix ammonia (10%) with water 1: 4 and rub over the stain Goes suede product.Then clean the surface with clean water, wetting the cotton swab in it.If wet cleaning of the material after drying will become coarse, well knead it with your fingers.Settled villi can be raised with a dry brush or vacuum cleaner with a nozzle for cleaning pile carpets.
• Remove stains fat suede can be cleaned with gasoline - they moisten a cotton swab and gently, with light rubbing movements contaminated area treated with the product.Things allowed to lie about an hour, after which it was purified by brush.
After processing fat shiny suede things can still remain a small dirt.Then they have to be cleaned with detergent for wool and other delicate materials.You do not need to wet the thing - just whisk suitable sparing agent in lush foam and grabbing it with a brush, make movement towards the villi.After updating the shoes or clothing, dab the dirty foam, dry foam sponge.

Tip 2: How to clean stains on suede

Fashion Suede few people indifferent.Through a velvety texture and a matte surface, even the most simple thing of this material looks noble and elegant.Until such time as it is not planted in the first spot.
How to clean stains on suede
As in any case, the use of suede is easier to prevent a problem than to eliminate it.By purchasing a new suede thing to observe basic rules of operation and did not have to spend time and money on removing stains .And shoes and clothing Suede should not be worn in wet, and especially in rainy weather.Dusty road in such shoes have to get round.Jackets and coats after removal can not be left in a crumpled, folded in half, with the sleeves rolled up - from their shoulders they should immediately hang it on a hanger.New suede shoes would be useful to treat the water-repellent spray (it is sold in shoe stores), after checking its effect on an inconspicuous area or a separate piece of suede.
However, even with the most careful sock thing, sooner or later begin to shine in the field fold.To remedy the situation, dissolve in a glass of water half a cup of ammonia, soak a cotton ball with a mixture and rub the damaged area.After this process it swab dipped in clean water and leave to dry article of clothing in the expanded form, at room temperature.Zalosnivshiesya socks and heel shoe can hold over steam and gently rub the very fine sandpaper - "nulevkoy."
To remove dried-up spot, hold it over the steam (not waiting suede get wet - steam must penetrate only slightly into it), and then scrub with a brush for suede.Such devices are composed of three functional parts - a hand with rubber fibers, bristle brush and wire side and a narrow side for the seams and expansion joints with a sole.
If you put grease stain, immediately sprinkle it with talcum powder and wait until it absorbs dirt.This method is effective for getting rid of any contamination of fresh liquid substance.
Different formulations to clean suede you can buy in the shoe department, but before using them is to test on a separate section of the article to ensure safety for the color and texture of the product.
After all the "sanitary" treatments suede need to dry at room temperature, then it is possible to refresh the color using spray paint for this material.Before you use it, close the floor and furniture in the room where you will use it with a thick layer of paper or polyethylene.
Helpful Hint
For greater effect, the absorbent cleaning powder can be pre-heated slightly on a dry frying pan.Causing it to grease stain on suede product, well put on top of a couple of layers of porous paper and flatten the top item press.To end up fat soaked, cleaned suede can leave it for a few hours.
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