Lemon House on the windowsill: the use

Lemon has many useful properties.It simply oversaturated vitamin C, thus necessary for the body, in 100 g of the fruit it contains about 50 mg.As well as many other vitamins and minerals.Add a slice of lemon in your tea, put in salads, baked meat with them, and so on.And the leaves emit volatile and purify the air in the room from microbes.To a lemon at home on a window sill gave really tasty, you need to purchase a high-quality seedlings, because those that are grown from seeds, are bitter and petty.

Grades indoor lemon

Difficulties in growing ornamental lemon trees there, most importantly, buy a good seedling.If you want to have a big tall lemon, buy seedling varieties of Lisbon and Kursk.They grow to 1.5 m and above.Less height fr
om Pavlovsky lemons, Lunar, Maikop, Villa Franco, and others. It is from 1.2-1.5 m. And very low, up to one meter, are Canadian, Genoa, Chinese dwarf.This last is a hybrid of lemon and orange and gives delicious fruit.In general, a lot of varieties, so you can ask the consultant to tell us more about this or that seedlings.

How to plant room lemons

Bought seedling landed in calcined clay pot with a hole in the bottom for ventilation roots.In this pot should not be glazed.First, take a container of 1-2 liters, and then, as the proliferation of the root system, you will need larger pots.Fill in a soil mix:

• 1 part of the river washed sand;
• 1 part humus;
• 1 part sod land.

At the bottom of the pot make sure to put the broken shards for drainage, with one shard cover the hole in the bottom of the convex side up.It is necessary that the water does not accumulate, but the opening of the air is constantly supplied.

Put the tree in a place in the room where it will fall scattered sunlight.Lemons do not like direct light and feel good about the windows, but in the winter they can be put directly on the window sill.

Room lemon house: Care

room to grow lemons well and soon was pleased juicy fragrant fruit, you need to take care of it:

• watering
• dirt;
• transplant;
• protected from pests and diseases.


Room lemon poured defended water at room temperature.In winter, this is rarely done, typically 1-2 times a week, guided by soil moisture.If lemon is in a cold room, it should still be watered less frequently - 1-2 times a month.The main thing here is not waterlogged soil, otherwise the roots may rot in the ground and begin to grow mold.In summer, watering is carried out 1-2 times per day.Never take cold water, especially on a hot day, this may be yellowing leaves, and even fall off.It is important to be watered.Do it in small portions of water to it soaked the entire substrate.


Since the root system of trees is in a confined space, it quickly picks up from the soil all the nutrients.In order to prevent "starvation" of lemon, it is necessary to fertilize.Regularly feeding under the roots.To do this, buy one from a specially balanced fertilizer for indoor lemons and use them according to instructions.Especially need fertilizing in the spring, when the plant becomes active.


Room lemon grows, it becomes taller and wider, respectively, and the root system is more.The plant is already crowded, and it should be transplanted into a more spacious pot.This is usually every year for the young seedlings and after five years - every 3 years.The soil used is new, at the bottom of the pot is placed necessarily drainage.

Diseases and pests of indoor lemon

If the plant is often filled with water, there may be root rot, from which the leaves wither and gradually die lemon.Root rot is eliminated is difficult, so better to prevent its occurrence.And for this it is important to monitor soil moisture.

Red Spider mite - one of the most common pests of lemon.It is manifested in the appearance of webs on the shoots, after which the plant grows poorly and loses its leaves.To get rid of spider mites just for this room sprayed with lemon preparation "Malathion" or other insecticide.

room Love Lemon: watering, fertilize, wipe it with a damp cloth leaves.And he will answer you riotous bloom and bestow tasty fruits.