you need
  • - stencils;
  • - acrylic paint on glass;
  • - brush.
Before applying, thoroughly clean the glass pattern.Paint window are best using stencils.They allow to avoid paint drips and figures turn out neat and symmetrical.Special stencils are unilateral and bilateral.Take advantage of one-way, if you want to put figure on the glass only from the inside.Bilateral templates must be identical on the outside and the inside.Usually these marks are stencils that there was no pattern of displacement.
Templates can be glued to the window, spray glue or water.Clay firmly holds the stencil on window , but will leave marks on the glass that you will have to clean off.Rinse spray glue can of gasoline for Zippo lighters or mineral spirit
s.Acrylic paint, which you'll do a drawing is not washed away.Water available glue and leave stains on the window , but the pattern can come off at the wrong time.Secure the stencil on the glass with a handkerchief or tissue flatten template to remove bubbles and wrinkles.
When drawing on the glass make a gradual transition from light to dark colors.Do not type on the brush too much paint, or may appear drops and drips.Acrylic paint dries very quickly, so often, rinse the brush.Hardened acrylic is very difficult to wash and brush becomes unfit for further work.
When drawings are ready, remove the stencils.The window can be washed by conventional means, acrylic, they are not washed away.Paint the glass can not only acrylic.Beautiful golden figures obtained by means of oxide gold.If you want to make the window opaque, treat it with hydrofluoric acid.The same acid is made of pure glass brilliant.Figure retained after etching.