Tip 1: How to make hair softer

Knitwear made of natural wool valued at all times and continue to be held in high esteem.It is believed that wool should be barbed, as has the ability of acupuncture.It is useful for people with kidney disease and liver, and is also recommended for people with vascular dystonia.But not everyone likes to wear spiky things, especially children.So how do you soften hair at home?
you need
  • - mustard powder;
  • - salt;
  • - vinegar;
  • - powder for wool;
  • - softener dryer;
  • - glycerol;
  • - a balm for the hair.
If you decide to buy a new tie or wool sweater, pay special attention to the material of manufacture.The most prickly products obtained from domestic wool, that is, its own production.The wool factory softer to the touch, as used in the development of technological methods to make it less pricked.The most barbed considered sheep wool , since it is covered with small scales, which scratch the skin.Banal allergies can cause skin irritation during wear woolen clothes.
If your sweater outrageously pricked, then there are two choices: to bite the bullet and train your nervous system, or try to soften the wool product that is not easy to do.It will not help and easy stripping hair with hot iron, moreover, it can lose its original shape.But there are some of my grandmother's ways that can help you mitigate the wool thing.
Take a handful of fresh mustard powder and dissolve in a bucket of warm water.Put it in a wool product, and how to, rinse.Then rinse in clean water and gently squeeze.Drying is recommended in a horizontal position, carefully straightened woolen thing.
Add the water to rinse the wool one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of vinegar (10 liters of water).You can replace the salt and vinegar conventional glycerin (you can buy at any pharmacy), in this case, leave the sweater soaked in the solution for 30 minutes.Then rinse the product in a large amount of warm and clean water.
Try to wash a wool product in the solution of a special powder designed specifically for wool, for example, take the means "Weasel" or "Cashmere".During rinsing sure to add any conditioner or softener dryer.You can also use hair conditioner, it will help alleviate the well wool .And remember, with each wash the thing will become softer, so do not expect the desired results immediately.

Tip 2: Which is better: products from yak wool or camel

wool products are made from the wool of different animals.Each species has its own peculiarities.When we look at two popular types of wool - yak and camel - it will become clear which products warmer and softer.
Which is better: products from yak wool or camel

yak wool

yak wool has good spinning properties.Yarn of wool of animals is widespread, although that is less and less often.This is due to the fact that the wild yak is listed in the Red Book.However, the beneficial properties of wool cover this deficiency.It is very light and soft.Wool yarn of this type of structure is very similar to human hair, so when there is contact with the skin comfortable, things do not cause irritation, tingling, or a desire to scratch the skin.General properties of wool can be described as a form of resistance to change, the ability to retain heat well and reach.

There is one amazing ability to yak wool - hygroscopic, ie the ability to absorb moisture from the air.Products made of this material does not cause allergies, which is especially important for people prone to the phenomenon.Moreover, the wearing of these things gives you health benefits: relieves headaches, improves blood circulation and reduces joint pain.So, these things better to have those who are often sick.Well worn items in osteochondrosis and rheumatism.Therefore it is necessary to have at least one thing done on the basis of yak wool, especially when you consider that it is very popular.

Wool camel

camel wool is considered the most warm, so good for those who likes to heat or living in cold conditions.The strength and greater density of camel wool provides lanolin - animal wax.Even industrial processing is not able to resolve such wool from lanolin which neutralizes toxins.Wool Cosmetic have effect, making the skin more pliable and elastic, so they should not use those who care about their appearance.

camel's hair has a porous structure, which explains the ease and warmth of wool.Interestingly, the unique structure of the camel protects not only from the winter of hypothermia, but also from the summer heat.In addition, it is very Socks can self-clean and stain resistant.

Speaking about methods of shearing, it should be clarified that cut their camels and yaks have combed subtle and delicate feathers, both from cashmere goats breeds.Everyone chooses the kind of hair that is right for him, given the state of health and your own preferences, the beneficial properties of wool and financial capabilities.