Cleaning starts with the removal of dust with a vacuum cleaner.If you bought a loop carpet with a long nap, using a simple nozzle to avoid damage to the fiber.If the pile His haircut, apply to clean it with a stiff bristle brush to remove dust from the base fabric.
to remove dirt from the surface of the carpet is recommended to use special shampoos, foam or dry cleaning agent.
before using shampoo, check it out.Pour a few drops on the bottom of the dish, then drain.If the bottom of the dish became sticky after the tool has dried, then the dust and dirt will stick to the shampoo residues on the pile.
Use detergent according to the recommendations of the manufacturer's instructions.Shampoo with th
e smell of ammonia can not be used to clean the wool coatings.After drying, vacuum the carpet again.
foam to use also need to check on a small part of the coating.If the color of the pile will not change, you can clean the whole carpet.Apply the foam to the surface and rub away the dirt with a brush or sponge.After drying vacuum the back cover.
powder for dry cleaning, as well as foam, apply evenly on the carpet and rub lightly with a brush in a pile.Leave for 15 minutes to remedy absorbed dirt, then vacuuming.
Spots with better cover removed immediately before they dry.SPILLS blot with a soft cloth or toilet paper, then wipe this place a cloth dampened with clean water.If the stain is gone, dissolve a tablespoon of washing powder in a liter of warm water.Soak a clean cloth in the solution and rinse again.
To prepare for removing stubborn dirt, add a bucket of water 4 teaspoons of dishwashing detergent, a quarter cup of ammonia and a quarter cup of vinegar.Soak in a solution of a sponge or a brush, and rubbed the spot.