The first carpet for house is divided into natural and synthetic.Natural is made of wool and is quite expensive.In the synthetic carpeting synthetic fibers are combined with natural, it is not as environmentally friendly, but more accessible.Unlike wool carpet, synthetic lasts much longer.Depending on the type of fiber used is nylon carpet, olefin, polyester and polyacryl.It is best preserves the shape of the coating to the fibers of nylon, they are not afraid of even heavy furniture.
following selection criteria - a method of producing a carpet.The most high-quality and expensive material created by analogy with the carpets.Woven carpet is made on the basis of jute, like a fine grid.No less durable tufted ca
rpet, the top of which is a pile loops of different heights, thereby turns the volume pattern.However, it is rather difficult to clean.Lint-free coating that looks reminiscent of felt, obtained by needle method for creating a carpet.This material is good for areas with high traffic.
universal recommendations on the subject of how to choose carpet, simply does not exist.It all depends on the financial possibilities of the buyer.It should be remembered that the effect on the price of carpet and method of dyeing yarn.The most expensive carpet was originally woven from yarns already dyed.Less durable option - patterning is stencilled on the finished canvas.In this case, the color fades and wears most quickly.