you need
  • - Linoleum;
  • - assembly tool;
  • - glue.
Before laying linoleum, perform a number of necessary measures: Remove from the room all the furniture, appliances, clean the floor plinth.Critically examine the floor covering.Note, it should be smooth.Choose a method of leveling the floor, depending on the type of coverage available.To be more concrete is screed and wood - thick sheet of plywood or drywall.
If on a level floor is laid linoleum, but it is obsolete, it can not be removed.Use the old coating as an additional sound insulation and heat insulation.If it has a large amount of debris, then the floor was not sufficiently primed.You can bend the edge of the old linoleum, vacuum and coating, and gender.Then primed by any kind of mortar.
Engage finishing works only if you know how to use the instruments mounting.Note that the new linoleum can be spread in several ways.For example, choose the easiest option.Just roll over the smooth roll of linoleum floor corresponding to the length and width of your room.In so doing, eliminate the appearance of any blistering and irregularities.Let material otlezhus at least daily.Then secure it on the edges of the building with the help of adhesive tape and skirting boards.
can be spread out linoleum adhesive method.To do this will need to purchase an appropriate adhesive.His choice will depend on the material foundations - support linoleum.For example, for a floor covering with pile foundation should be selected PVA glue or "Bustilat."Linoleum with a smooth substrate using special latex mastic.To properly prepare a paste, read the instructions on the packaging.
To start a roll of linoleum lay on the surface to which the coating is then glued.On its free part, apply the adhesive with a wide spatula.Carefully unroll a roll of the treated surface.Gently press down special linoleum roller.Move it from the middle of the laid floor to the edges.Avoid bias linoleum.Watch carefully to ensure that it is not formed by air bubbles.Choose this method, if the width or the length of the selected material does not match the size of the room.