If you bought a new pair of suede boots that are going to wear in the winter, your first take care of prevention.It will help prevent the most salt stains on your shoes.To do this, use specialized tools.This may be a cream that does not interfere with effects of moisture shoes, and special impregnation.The treatment of impregnation is carried out three times in succession with an interval required for complete drying of footwear.It is better to perform the procedure in advance when wear boots you will not be.
If salt stains have appeared, try to use a special spray-paint, he will be able to disguise spots.Also try to take advantage of this folk remedy.Take an old toothbrush and gently dip it in vinegar, then rub the stain them.Then thoroughly dry
and clean the boots of their special brush for suede .
said that helps and such cleaning.Take the brush and lather her baby soap, then gradually scour brush stains, soap solution at the end of the procedure rinse and dry shoes.However, after this likely risk that the color of the shoes will be a little lighter.
And here's this way.Dilute ammonia in a ratio of 1 to 5, with this solution, wipe the boots with a damp cloth to remove remnants of ammonia.
Dry the boots and now wipe with vinegar diluted in water, and then wipe again with a damp cloth, in the conclusion walk on shoes with a dry cloth (to lift the villi).Leave the boots to dry, and then treat them with rubber brush for suede .If after that divorce remains weak, use foam ink.
By the way, note that dry suede shoes you should use packed into paper, and in any case is not close to the battery or by using special dryers for shoes, or boots may just get a stake and loseColour.