course, want to knock a hammer with the other hand and straighten the dent from the inside.If the damage is on the door, then it can not be disassembled.It must be remembered that the door was hermetically sealed.Leakage will cause the compressor to operate in a different mode, and bring him out.So that violate the integrity of the door is not necessary.
Unfortunately, the only true technology remove dents on the refrigerator is not invented.The most common ways to fix a dent formed by blow, boil down to seal and sealing defect.
Try damaged area close to something else.For example, a magnetized picture.Let it will not restore the wall of the refrigerator, but to some extent contribute
to the design.
Zashpaklyuyte damaged area.Ironically, the same output.Not worth much to treat the surface of a dent.Simply wipe fine sandpaper, apply a coat of primer, if required by the type of filler and apply the mixture.Putty color should match the color of the refrigerator.
Pull defective vacuum.There is a technology that allows dent pulling by vacuum.This will help the device - minilifter.Now on the market you can find a model of a new generation of this device.With it, work on straightening dents greatly simplified.Perfectly valid for repair without painting.Drains easily and without unnecessary movements.It has a lock function.On the plane he put rubber feet that prevent slipping.

Hot-melt adhesive, hot Melt, apply adhesive clips.The pistons priklozhite a dent on the surface of the refrigerator.Then set the piston itself minilifter and adjust the screw.Dent straighten, gradually moving the handles.When she straightened, apply alcohol or adhesive wash.Unstick cap and enjoy the result.