you need
  • - Roulette;
  • - pencil;
  • - handsaw or a mechanical saw;
  • - Tape;
  • - Circular Saw;
  • - file;
  • - mounting;
  • - Abrasive;
  • - oil timber.
place to start countertop for outdoor cabinets.Leave a small gap at the rear and side walls.If you are installing in the kitchen D-type, 2 sections are tightly interconnected.It is not recommended to perform a gusset.Then measure the countertop from one end of the base cabinet.At the same time remember the place for the cover plate and the projection of 2 cm.
With a pencil make a mark.If you use a hacksaw, the mark must be on the front of the countertop.If it will be used for mechanical saws, the markings make the bottom storone.Dalee enjoy a sawing.For manual sawing using a saw with a fine.To avoid chipping, you need to stick the tape on top of the cutting space.For the same things you can use
, and a circular saw.Turn countertop left side down and place a straight edge.The cut edge is required to process the file.
After installing countertops mark the place for the base cabinet.The layout is best done at the bottom of the countertop.In this case, it will be possible without any problems cut a hole under the sink.Turn the sink and attach it to the bottom surface of the countertop.Trace it with a pencil.Create an additional markup, following the instructions provided with the sink.
Table top is fixed with a special attachment.Put it in the appropriate place.Leave a gap of 0.5 cm. Then mark the space for the fasteners.They should be placed at equal distances.Drill the holes.Good secure countertop .
It is also necessary to properly prepare for the first application.The surface is recommended to grind fine sandpaper.Then treat countertop special oil designed for wood.