you need
  • -User assembly and installation of the refrigerator from the manufacturer;
  • Instrumentation roulette.
Select refrigerator .Focusing on their own notions of beauty, do not forget about its actual size.After refrigerator should at least go to the door of the apartment and kitchen.Measure all openings in advance in order to avoid an untidy and compare the figures with the data on the height and depth of the product.Furthermore, the size of the unit directly affects its functionality and ergonomics.
Ask your consultant about the features of the shop and open polnovstraivaemogo installation methods and refrigerator.Please note that the full "incorporation┬╗ refrigerator hidden behind the elements of
furniture.Some models suggest the presence of the electronic board, which is in direct access and assumes control of the various functions of the unit without opening the doors.Public method allows you to manage with built-in refrigerator th as well as with non-integrated device.
found out the right size refrigerator well, check the installation site.The compressor and condenser modern refrigerator and needs constant ventilation.Otherwise, after a while improper operation unit simply cease to function.
Select your preferred way to mount the door.Ask if it be possible outweigh the door of the unit.Decide how you will hinged facade of furniture.If important space savings, it would be an excellent choice for sliding doors, which the movement of the guide.After the doors and the door of the facade stretches and refrigerator.Minus this way - dirt and residues of grease on the rails, dust in confined spaces between the doors.