you need
  • - copper wiring cross-section of 1.5 to 4 squares, depending on the capacity;
  • - two systems of machines 25-32 A .;
  • - outlet with earth 32 A.
Please carefully read the passports of the oven, in particular the connection parameters and consumption.Depending on the model, and characteristics, power may be in the range of 2 kW, a current of 10 amperes.This means that you need to hold a separate line with a cable cross-section of at least 1.5 squares.You will also need a grounded
outlet and machines 16 Amps.
If capacity of more than 2 kW and there are instruments of 7-9 kW, the consumption will be equal to 23-25 ​​A. therefore wiring must comply with 4 squares outlet with earth 32 A, automatic -25-32 A. If you install less power wiring, plug and socket, then the best is to beat all, and at worst - a fire occur.
Set the oven at designed by aligning on the level.Uneven standing appliance will produce uneven heating.Secure installation locknuts.Behind the oven should be free space at least 30-40 cm, because when heating should be room for air circulation.
A separate wiring of the central panel.On the panel, set the machines mentioned above capacity.If the oven is high powered, the device itself must be switched on via the circuit breakers.Wiring can be done only copper.
Install outlet, perform grounding.All apartments provide a new type of centralized grounding.If it is not, it is necessary to withdraw the ground connection on the iron surface, leaving the ground.If you do not hold a proper grounding, you can get electric shock when touching the body of the oven.
Install outlet, remove the cover and connect the wiring.If the oven is not provided through the inclusion of machines, you need to install additional system.This is done below includes a plug and is connected via a wire oven.
If you have never engaged in electrical connection, a qualified electrician, has already been mentioned above.In any case, for safety reasons, all connections should be correctly installed automatic check specialist.And only after that you can use the oven for its intended purpose.