you need
  • - hanging locker;
  • - hood;
  • - corrugated hose;
  • - screws;
  • - box made of PVC.
Book a hanging locker without a bottom.Using screws, attach the hood his middle shelf.The shelf and the ceiling of the piece of furniture to make an extra hole for the hose.
Attach one side of the corrugated hose to the hood, and the other thread the hole in the ceiling.
If the bottom of the cabinet, attach the hood to the bottom of it and make it one additional hole for the corrugation.Hood Body hide additional panel of the same material as the locker door.
If the area is drawing less than the area of ​​the bottom of the cupboard, cut a hole in it the size of the hood.
Her body hide in a safe and secure to the bottom of the hole at the bottom edge.
If the hood exhaust air in ventilation, spend corrugations to vent.Hide the corrugated hose in a special decorative box made of PVC or plasterboard.If the hood is running in recirculation mode, cut the corrugated hose at the exit from the locker.