you need
  • - freezer
  • - fan
  • - hair dryer
  • - basin water
does not play a role whether you are going to thaw large freezing chamber or conventional freezer compartment in the refrigerator.In this and in the other case, you have to act according to the same principle.
Disconnect your appliance from the power supply, remove all the products, put them somewhere where they will not be able to quickly thaw.Repeated freezing will not benefit them or you or freezer.Prepare a bowl into which you will collect melt water.
You can just leave it as it is.The maximum a day, freezer thawed itself, provided that you leave the door open.But this option is right for you only if you will not take your time and products that require freezing, you do not.Most people ar
e trying to speed up the process.
In no case do not chop off the ice with a knife or other sharp object, so you can easily damage the wall of the chamber, after which the unit will only send to the landfill.Also, do not blow on the ice with hot jet of air from the dryer.Sudden changes in temperature acting on the wall of the freezer, can cause them to crack and tear.
The best thing you can do - to provide the outflow of cold air from the interior of the unit.The easiest way to do this with the fan, hair dryer, too, can play a positive role if it is a function of the cold air stream.
great helper when defrosting the freezer may become ordinary table salt.Just sprinkle it the ice, and he will begin to melt literally before your eyes.Do not forget to permanently remove the water formed at the same time.
After defrosting wipe camera with a cloth soaked in a solution of vinegar, carefully dry all the walls and your freezer is ready for use again.