Mixers can be single lever, dvuhventilnye and contactless.Most usually choose products with a single handle.The choice is due to the fact that while cooking the hostess hands are busy or dirty, and single-lever faucet can even open his little finger.
dvuhventilnye crane will need a long time to adjust to the "right wave", because of which can increase the water flow.As for the non-contact mixers, such products - ideal for the kitchen: bring your hands to the sensor and the water begins to flow, but it cost them not everyone can afford.
One of the important parameters that should be considered when choosing a faucet and on kitchen , - product design.In the mixer needs to be high, "nose",
so that the jet falls clearly into the center of the bowl.
is important, and the angle of rotation of the spout: the greater the steering angle, the more convenient.In mixers economy class and mid-market models the angle of rotation varies from 120 to 140 degrees.Dear crane s spinning around its axis.
crane installed in the kitchen, can be made out of different material.The ideal material for the body is considered to be chromed.On the surface of the metal can not live and breed bacteria, and therefore, the option is excellent.
Although enamel and beautiful, but it is unstable: it is very fast enamel bounces.Mixer of nickel is not so safe as it seems at first glance: it can cause allergies.Crane made of alloy "under the gold" requires special care, and is not every interior it will be in harmony.
There are some models of mixers, which are built in water filters.The cleaning need to drill an additional hole through which the findings of the individual nozzle.Feed water is purified by moving the lever in the extreme position (when the lever back to its original position will again tap water).