Disconnect the refrigerator, unplug it.Remove the serving plane.
Holding door , unscrew the bolts that attach the upper hinge of the door.In operation it is desirable to use the help of a partner.Now remove the top hinge.Remove the door .
If the door is made for the removal of her pereveshivaniya, unscrew the hinge axis.Set the axle on the new point of attachment (on the opposite side of the upper cabinet).
Tilt the refrigerator.Remove the bolts that secure the unit to the lower hinge bracket.Remove the loop.Install the lower hinge axis of the new point of attachment.If installation work is not carried out for pereveshivaniya, and to
replace the door, the door can be removed , simply by loosening the hinge bracket without removing it.
Fix the lower hinge on the opposite side of the refrigerator .
On the lower hinge set door .Enter the axis of the upper hinge into the upper sleeve and secure the door hinge.
Check the fit of the door.If it is loosely fitted to the cabinet, eliminate gaps adjustable fastener.
Place a serving plane.
When removing the door two or three-chamber refrigerator sequence several changes: first, make the dismantling of the upper door in the described sequence, and then in the same way, remove the door lower compartment.
When removing and Repositioning the doors refrigerator's door with a rounded th in the control box cover mounting plane with a file, shorten the cylindrical glass (it is in the attachment point).
If you are Repositioning the door (s), be sure to move to the opposite side of the door handles.If you transfer it turned out, that the thread of fixing screws is damaged, with the corresponding tap Restore the threads on the insert, and screw replaced.