Traditional cleaning methods

Yellow spots on the light table top, you can start to lighten up using household tools such as "Fairy" or "Pemolyuks."After they gather blackness, should be applied on the spot "Domestos" or "Mr. Muscle", but often use them undesirable.Also spotted surface countertops can light wash normal soda.To do this, slightly wet countertop, sprinkle baking soda on the stain and scrub it hard sponge after ten minutes.
The kitchen is preferable to use natural cleaners, because they do not contain chemicals - unlike household cleansers.

Excellent light when cleaning countertops kitchen set-proven tool such as Cilit BANG, which should be applied to the co
ntaminated surface and wash off after thirty minutes.It easily removes stains from both tops, and with gas stoves, showers and other utensils.The only drawback is its Cilit BANG not cheap and the cost of the chemical composition - the rest of it quickly and efficiently handle the job.

also housewives often get rid of the bright spots on the tops using lemon, vinegar, salt and ammonia, which are applied on the dirty portion and wiped with a damp cloth.However, long-standing stubborn stains such methods will not give tangible results.

original ways to clean the kitchen furniture

for cleaning and polishing countertops with a light surface, you can use unusual means.So, after washing them by traditional methods can be applied to the wax "Extra-Virgin" or "auto-shine" that you need to grate after drying.They are well disguise small imperfections or scratches on the surface, and also help remove a variety of pollution and prevent new ones.
for countertops made of black stone for cleaning and polishing, you can use black shoe polish.

When using products containing wax, it should be remembered that the stone can light them turn yellow.To avoid this, you must remove the detergent residue with a special solution to remove the wax, wash with soap and water table top neutral action, after which it again zapolirovat.

also can give a good effect and aerosol product designed for cleaning wood, because its composition also includes a variety of waxes.Get rid of spots and stains of various origins also helps the liquid glass cleaner.