you need
  • - citric acid;
  • - 4 tablets from heartburn "Alka-Seltzer";
  • - detergent.
as the Council of experts and the majority of manufacturers, cleaning coffee makers should be made by means that are specifically designed for this purpose.Most often, they are tablets, powder less.Exactly how to use them, it is written in the statement.
By the more common methods of cleaning the coffee machines at home are the so-called traditional methods.For example, there is: citric acid (about 30 ml) was poured 4 cups of hot water, stirred.Next, add another 4 cups of water, but cold.The resulting mixture is poured into a tray, which is usually filled with water.Then coffeemaker to include and wait until it will pou
r half of the cleaning solution.After 20 minutes, a coffee maker is switched on again, and merge the remains.To get rid of the smell of lemon in your coffee, you just need to pass through the device 8 cups of water (cold) several times.
There is such an interesting method.The reservoir is designed for water, filled with boiling water, into which the 4 tablets from heartburn "Alka-Seltzer."After their dissolution to include coffeemaker for its cleaning.Then the tank is rinsed with water several times, it is filled with water and turn on the cooking mode.After that, you can safely make coffee!
Do not forget that the coffee maker needs to be cleaned after purchase, before starting work.This also applies to coffee machines that are not maintained a significant period of time.To do this, wash the permanent filter, cover and jar in hot water and detergent, then dry all.The same procedure is carried out with the filter holder, if it is removable.Further coffee going, the reservoir is filled with cold, clean water, which is passed through the apparatus.Water poured from the jug, and the process repeats again.If desired, the inner surface can be wiped with a damp cloth.