you need
  • - a sponge or rag;
  • - wooden spatula;
  • - soap;
  • - purpose detergent;
  • - washing machine;
  • - washing powder;
  • - iron (in extreme cases).
Try to clean the stained tablecloth Teflon, without removing it from the countertop.Carefully wipe with a damp cloth or a sponge;If necessary, use soap or a universal detergent.Remove all traces of soap suds, regularly wetting the sponge in clean water.
Moisten dried dirt, then carefully scrape them from the surface tablecloth wooden spatula.Dirty pools of pre-blot cloth an
d finish cleaning the table.
If after wet cleaning cloths left on the surface of stubborn dirt, wash the product on hand in a solution of detergent or soap.These things are generally well satisfied with this content.Make sure that the liquid temperature was not higher than 30-40 degrees!
Wash Teflon cloth must be carefully, trying not to make her room.By removing all stains from the article, in any case, do not remove it before drying.It is enough to shake table cover over the bath - it will help to smooth wrinkles and remove excess moisture.
to wash the tablecloth with Teflon-coated in an automatic washing machine you must choose gentle mode;the optimum temperature of the water - like hand-washing.Spin sure to turn off.
Hang the washed product over the bath to the water glass, and dry it in the expanded state at room temperature.
Try not to iron the cloth, so as not to damage the Teflon.To achieve this quite simply because the right care products such little rumpled.If, nevertheless, the need arises, walk on the underside of the table cover is not very hot iron.It should not be too hard to press the heated surface of the sole to the linen.