you need
  • - Vinegar,
  • - sponge and cloth,
  • - brush,
  • - ammonia,
  • - alcohol,
  • - soda,
  • - rubber gloves.
vinegar will help you cope with the pollution in the oven, but before you start cleaning, it is necessary to remove all pans, grids and baking.Dampen the sponge with water and wipe the entire surface of the oven, remove debris and the remnants of burnt food.Apply a small amount of vinegar on the walls of the oven and spread with a damp sponge over the entire space.Leave in this state for a few hours.If contamination is small, it will be enough to erase the vinegar clean, damp cloth.If the oven, there are stubborn stains - will have to use a brush or rough side of a sponge.
Rather expensive for oven cleane
r can safely use ammonia.Firstly, it is much cheaper and no less effective than the special detergent compositions.Pour the solution into the container and the ammonia soak therein rag or sponge.Clean all the sides and bottom of the oven, let it sit for thirty minutes.To avoid irritation to the skin, it is recommended to use rubber gloves (and also wear a respirator or mask).Wipe soaked in clean, warm water and a cloth.Wipe the oven several times and make sure no ammonia odor, otherwise it will be absorbed into the food during cooking.
To clean the outside of the oven, use a conventional cotton rag and universal cleaners.To leave streaks on the glass surface of the oven, prepare the following solution: Mix one part alcohol, one part vinegar and two parts pure water.Process the mixture of the outer surface of the plate.
Over time, the inside of the oven window appears brown patina.To get rid of it, sprinkle a small amount of contaminated glass of soda and moisten it with warm water.Leave in this condition for 30-40 minutes, after which all the dirt easily cleaned with a wet sponge.