you need
  • hoods, ducts, tape measure, level, drill, dowels, screws, hammer, construction pencil, hammer, drill on concrete for punch (SDS +).
If you connect the duct to a common ventilation duct with its neighbors, the smell of cooking will be returned to you, or to go straight - to the neighbors, becauseMine could miss 2-5 times less air than banish your hood.In this case, it can not be cleaned, continuing to absorb air pollution.Alternative connecting duct to the total ventshahte - concluded the street.Having secured agreement with the local authorities, cut through a hole in the wall.Use for this purpose punch by setting concrete drill bit.
When buying hoods note on completing the duct.Their diameter must match the cross section of the ventilation shaft of the room.The duct should not be strongly bent too long.Umbrella hoods should be not less than the width of the cooking surface to remove odors as efficiently as possible.
For hoods should have a separate outlet.Install it needs during repairs in the kitchen.If this socket has not been previously mounted, is establishing a new, put the wires in the cable channel.
Arm level and a tape measure and make markup.Apply construction pencil mark where the hood will be attached.From drawing up the hob should not be menee70 see, and to a gas cooker - 80 cm.
drill or a hammer drill at the marked locations dowel holes.Hammer anchors with a hammer, tighten the bolts on the wall support.In support install hood.The casing is not put on.With adjusting bolt, adjust the position of the hood.It should be installed horizontally.
Now connect the duct to the vent.If the vent is located opposite or on a fairly large distance from the plate, route it to the extra boxes.It is advisable to hide them on the mounted cupboards.All joints are sealed.
After installation, set the ducts and exhaust hood and fix it by adjusting the height.Make a trial run, by connecting the appliance to the mains.