you need
  • - remnants of fabrics of different, but appropriate to each other colors
  • - braid
  • - tape
  • - lace
  • - PVA glue
  • - photo frames (can not new)
textile panels adorn the walls.For this manufacture of ribbons, lace, braid various size flowers.According to the principle: gather a small section of tape on the thread with a needle and tightens.
Glue on a cardboard or burlap monochromatic fabric.It is located on our floral blank from lace green stems and leaves do and stick to the fabric.We put in a frame, which also decorate ribbon or braid.
Or you can take the old frame and fix them staples bright fabric with a beautiful pattern, using the frame as the subframes.Surround circuit highlights some elements of the picture.If this floral motif glue or sew the center of flower buttons.Several of these panels decorate the kitchen wall.
with exposed kitchen shelf spice jars.Just swathes of tape, securing it with white glue.
top jar cover beautiful cloth and tied braid.The bright orange and crimson fabric colors makes textiles carrots, pumpkins and strawberries.Cut out the pattern on, fill any filler, and select a place in a wicker basket.Fruits and vegetables in the kitchen create a warm and cozy atmosphere.
To decorate the kitchen chairs or the sofa sew decorative pillows.They do in the form of more fruits: carrots, pumpkins, strawberries.Purpose - interior decoration, although its intended purpose they can be used.
decorate the window as follows.From fabrics with small patterns sew small birds.We hung them on the braid of different sizes and are fixed on the window frame.A flock of birds hovering in the box, ask a good mood as the morning coffee and evening over a cup of tea.