Tea is a little dye, so even after a single use utensils, plaque may remain.The best way to prevent its formation is washing dishes after each use, however, it is not always possible.Then can come to the aid of either the old "granny" methods or the use of special cleaning sredstv.Bolshinstvo housewives to clean the dishes on the tea plaque uses ordinary baking soda or synthetic detergents, which is present in the composition of soda.The tool works perfectly, but it is possible the formation of small surface damage.Such damage may not be visible, but their presence is always possible to determine - tea plaque will be f
ormed more quickly and have a darker shade, but the time spent on cleaning, with each procedure will start to increase.
There are other detergents designed for crockery, in the form of various kinds of gels and pastes.They also perfectly clean and at the same time, given its consistency, do not scratch the surface of the dishes.
as a cleaning agent can be used lemon juice or citric acid.A small amount of juice or a solution wipe the surface, then rinse with water.
there are more creative ways.For example, some housewives are advised to leave the cups at night, filling them with yogurt or green tea.According to their assurances, if just for the morning cup of rinse water - they are pure white.
some clean surface salt, but it is, although insoluble in water, will scratch the surface.
to clean itself can be applied not soda or salt, and their solution.For example, we can be boiled or soda salt in water and then soaked in the solution container.
Think and tea whether plaque is left?The fact that now the quality of the water from the tap is poor, so in some cases, no matter how carefully washed the dishes, traces on its surface in the form of sludge and plaque may leave the water.To avoid this, after washing utensils should be thoroughly wiped off.This problem can be avoided by washing the dishes in the dishwasher, by the way, many argue that it is a miracle of technology to cope with many of raid, including tea.