you need
  • - metallic object (spoon, fork, knife, wrench, metal nail file or key ring);
  • - bright light.
There are a few simple ways to check that can help differentiate crystal from ordinary glass.First of all, the sound.Try to gently knock on the intended crystal products metal object.Please use for this key, a metal nail file or a remote control.The real crystal good quality sound after hitting a smooth and long: it lasts on a single note a few seconds, and only then is on the wane.By the way, defines marriage as crystal.We chipped or defective product sound is uneven, rattling.High-quality crystal sounds fine, clean.
Another way to determine the real crystal - tactile.Crystal heats slower than glass, remaining cold.Try to compare two it
ems in the store - one of glass, and the other - from the intended crystal.Hold items in the hands of the same time.See the difference?Crystal products should remain cooler than glass.
third way to check quality crystal - visual.If you take crystal products in hand and look at it in bright light, it shines in different colors on the faces of the finest pure amazing play of light.Furthermore, crystal is stronger than glass and there can be no scratches.However, unfortunately, crystal and fragile, and the bounce he'll break.
to bright light in the glass structure will be visible gas bubbles formed in the manufacturing process.In addition, within the mass of glass is also noticeable streaks sometimes - small frozen drips.Inside the crystal of bubbles and striae should not be.
Well, the easiest way - if you choose expensive crystal vase or service, you can give the crystal to test professionals, the results of this study can be trusted 100%.