you need
  • cast iron kettle, oil, rock salt.
The fact is that during the casting cauldrons used engine oil that lubricates the mold to cast did not stick to it.Accordingly, th
e first step is to remove the engine oil is on the surface and from the "long" iron.You can use two ways:
1. Warm up the kettle over an open fire for several hours (2-3) to the engine oil burned and left channel-long iron.Doing this better outdoors, sinceThis releases a lot of acrid smoke.

2. Warm up the cauldron on fire with 1-2 kilograms of rock salt until such time as the salt will not be rosy-brown color.Salt discard.This method is more suitable for indoor use.
After that ignited the cauldron on fire with oil.Pour into a hot bowl of 0.5-1 liter of oil (depending on the amount of proved, can take more), bring it to a boil.Wait until the bottom of a cauldron will not get red hot shade.Then gently tilt it to one side and thus ignited the flank on one side.Repeat this process with all parties to the hot oil to cover the entire inner surface of the cauldron.It will take about another 1.5-2 hours.
Then remove the kettle from the heat, let it cool down completely, pour the oil.Wash the dishes a little warm water without detergent and rub with a clean cloth, oiled.Remains of iron is absorbed in the oil, remove the paper towel and wipe dry kettle.Now you are ready to cook your favorite dishes.