you need
  • tester or multimeter
Modern electric kettle most commonly used type of tubular electric heaters.The ends of the heater output to the block disposed on the shell side of the kettle.Of course, the types of heating elements may be different from each other.
First of all, it should be remembered that the appliances for heating and boiling water can not be included in this network without the water.Failure to do so will inevitably lead to burn out the heating element and damage the body of the kettle.
Often you can see how the hostess pours the water in the kettle is already included in the electricity network.Doing this also is not recommended.First, fill the kettle with water, and, it is the amount that is required.Almost all kettl
es have on the body scale, indicating the minimum and maximum allowable amount of water.Failure to comply with these rules may eventually lead maker of order.
feature heating element is that the frequent use of water containing traditional for our water supply network set of trace elements, it must be periodically cleaned of scale.Purification of the heating element is performed using specially designed chemical.It is impossible to clean off scale by scraping, this will result in damage to the appliance.
If your kettle suddenly failed properly operated and has no visible signs of faults on the body, or the heating element, the possible cause of damage can be broken wire in the electrical cord.
Disconnect the kettle from the mains and check that the electrical connection between the pin plug cord.Location likely break can be found by using a tester.This fault is corrected by restoring electrical connection or replacement of the cord with the serviceable.
If the failure is directly related to the failure of the heating element, do not try to carry out repairs yourself.This requires a certain expertise.Please note that repairs made careless appliance can lead to big trouble and costly.To eliminate the serious damage should include kettle to a service center.