you need
  • -verevka;
  • -2 rail;
  • -gvozdi;
  • -dyubeli.
Fixing ropes depends on where you want it to hang.If you prefer to dry clothes on a balcony or in a special room in the country, it is better to make a stationary mount.The rope can hang there permanently, or it can be to pull at any time.In the corridor, you can do those bindings that already exist.It may be, for example, handles mezzanines, rack cabinets, etc. in the same way.If there is nothing suitable, hammer in opposite walls 2 nail or dowel.Better to do it in inconspicuous places or else make nail decorations and hang the rest of the time to, for example, a picture.
For fastening rope in the bathroom, on the balcony or in a special room in the country saw off two pieces of rail.The width of the slats 5-7 cm, and the length depends on how much you're going to pull the rope.Attach the rails to the opposite wall is strictly opposite each other.This can be done with dowels or screws.Depending on the length of screw rods or only on the edges, or in three or four locations.
Mark the rack.Note 3-5 cm from the edge of each.Make a mark on the remaining distance of 20-25 cm from each other.Beat the marked space nails, trying to observe an equal distance above and below.Nails can be replaced by hooks that are fastened to the rails.Hooks with an adhesive layer in this case is not suitable, since they are not very firmly hold.
Tie a rope to one of the extreme nail strips, leaving a "tail" of 15-20 cm. You can use any host, only he did not untie.Pull the rope to the other rail, pull it and wrap around the first nail.You can tie her single node.
Pull the rope to a second nail of the same rack and wrap or tie.Spend it to the second nail of the first rack and wrap too.Similarly, pull the rope between all the other nails.To the last nail tie its strong double knot and cut, leaving a small "tail".
In order to be able to dry clothes outside in the summer cottage, type in at least 2 column.You can build something like dryers, dug in the center of one post and a few around.In this case, the nails driven into the posts at the correct height.