Tip 1: How to clean crystal

Crystal chandeliers, glasses and other things that surround us in everyday life, from time to time need cleaning, restoration and renovation.What you need to do in order to crystal objects were shining, gleaming and looked as good as new?The first step is to learn how to wash your crystal and regularly look after him.

  1. Remember that crystal ware not stand too hot water from the washing water temperature exceeds 50 ° C, crystal gradually begins to thicken, fade, and eventually on it may crack (even atthe careful handling).So wash your crystal should be warm but not hot water.And if you want to make crystal sparkled and shone, rinse it in cold water, which must first add an ordinary household vinegar (concentration should be about 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 1 quart of water).

  2. After you have washed the crystal, and then wipe it dry with a piece of velvet or corduroy fabric impregnated with starch.You can also use the woolen cloth.Grated so crystal will look great.

  3. If crystal dishes are very hea
    vily soiled, you can clean up pretty quickly.To do this, boil a few potatoes in their skins and then put in the rest of the boiling water bowl and leave it there for a while.Otmochennuyu in potato broth and carefully washed dishes need to wipe dry with a towel or napkins.

  4. crystal vases look very nice, but sooner or later they begin to appear from within a specific greenish patina.It can clean up, even without using aggressive chemical cleaning agents.You just need to thoroughly wash the vase with water, which dissolves the salt and vinegar.

  5. Cleaning and washing crystal chandeliers - not a simple matter, because on the surface fingerprints, footprints on the wet sponges and rags.Therefore, all manipulations with the chandelier should be performed wearing gloves on his hands.Wet cleaning the chandelier should be carried without the use of soap, as soap film is badly washed off from the surface of crystal, and subsequently by heating often causes cracking.If the chandelier is very dirty, add the water, which you are going to be washed, a little ammonia.Abrasive cleaners, crystal is better not to apply.

Tip 2: How to choose crystal

Spectacular, subtle and delicate crystal give any interior elegance and taste.To distinguish a quality product, you must know the basic rules of this material difference.
How to choose crystal
Remember that high-quality and real crystal , in accordance with international standards, should consist of lead oxide and glass.However, there is still a bohemian (potassium-lime glass) and barium material that can be added instead of lead.Besides a few years ago the US was used in the manufacture of crystal glass, titanium, which increases the strength.Thus, when choosing a product pay attention to the markings.Carefully read the label affixed to the product.Note: the higher the content of lead (Pb) in the material, the better the quality.Thus its content should be no less than 10%.
Do not forget that the quality crystal appreciated for the special play of color on the edges.Generally, the thinner pattern on the product, the higher its price.If you choose carefully peer into crystal patterns on them, you should see the different colors of the rainbow.
Note that crystal GOVERNMENTAL products there is no concept of first or second grade.When you buy carefully examine the material to light.Each product should not contain extraneous inclusions, turbidity or small bubbles (voids).Also pay attention to the edge, if you choose wine glasses, wine glasses or wine glasses.The pointed edge of the article - a sign of high-quality crystal.
When choosing a crystal gently tap the product a pen or pencil.This should produce a characteristic subtle sound that lasts for at least 4-5 seconds.
When buying products pay attention to his weight.This qualitative and crystal can not be too easy.
Do not forget that during the operation of crystal products is necessary to avoid exposure to high temperatures.Since the solubility of the compounds contained in the material can get into the food.Do not fill in nye crystal glasses (glasses), hot drinks.
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