Start with a plan bathrooms and bathroom, given the number of permanent residents in the house of the people.Typically, for a family of five people, only one.A bathroom can be made as a combined bath (1-3 persons), and split (more than three).In addition to basic toilets, and sometimes provide additional (guest).It should be noted that it is possible but not desirable to do toilet next to the kitchen, the most viable option - near bedrooms or between bedrooms.Traditionally, when planning the installation site noted baths, washbasins, toilets, bidets, and if space allows, shower, washing machine.When split-level house is better to make bathrooms on e
ach floor.
Measure the bathroom before buying plumbing appliances, shower and bathroom.Decide what materials will be made return pipes from the sink and bath, which will be located valves, ventilation ducts and sewer risers.It is necessary to consider the lighting fixture and wiring.Note the minimum distance which must be between the wall and the equipment.
Distribute plumbing.The bath is usually set close to one side of the wall.If space allows, it is better to put it in the center.Liner pipes are made under the floor.Shower you can buy any configuration, but for the management of the area the best option - angular, with sliding doors.Allow space in front of the bathroom about 70 cm (for convenience, after water treatment), is considered the best distance of 1.05 m. Install hangers and towel at a distance of 50-70 cm from the shower or bath.Place the bowl in view of its size and area of ​​the room.Before him free space must be at least 60 cm. Washbasin set with the growth of family members (usually - 80 cm from the floor).
Apply for finishing waterproof material.As much as he was attractive from the outside, learn about its capabilities, for example, whether it can withstand the active elements of household chemicals and the effects of salt.It is very important to make it easy to clean and wash.The best practical qualities for finishing wet rooms have ceramic tile.It can be applied on the floor and the walls.It has a wide range of colors, in which everyone can find a color of your choice.The spacious rooms can be successfully applied natural marble stone, artistic mosaic or wood, which should be treated pre-waterproof varnish.
Select the material for the ceiling in such a way that it could easily withstand steam and moisture.It must always be water-resistant and sound-absorbing, reflective, does not emit toxic substances to be fire-resistant and easy to use.At the present time in the bathroom were installed tile and rack ceilings.It makes it easy to mount it as a lighting and ventilation grates.
Make flooring of ceramic tile, before this pre providing waterproofing the floor of the wooden house.First, make a cement screed with reinforcing mesh, and then laid a waterproofing roll with the seizure of 10 cm walls of perimetru.Posle of another layer of the solution, which is laid floor tiles.She, in contrast to the wall must be thicker and can withstand heavy loads.The surface should be glossy and rough or smooth.It is better to apply the anti-slip tiles.
Divide the light in the bathroom on the total covering the entire space, and spot.The ceiling light fixture has traditionally used one, which is typical for small spaces.Dot illuminate the basin and mirror area.