Tip 1: How to choose a pan made of stainless steel

Cookware Stainless enjoys among Russian housewives are increasingly popular.It is heat-resistant and easy to care for, are not deformed and very attractive looks.Modern alloys do not emit any harmful substances to the body, and the food is of high quality products for a long time does not deteriorate.However, choose pan made of stainless steel should be pre-assessing it from different sides.
you need
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  • Consultation Seller
test the bottom of the pan made of stainless steel.It should be as thick, then it will be heated uniformly.The food will not burn.A good steel pan has a double or triple bottom - it mounted wheels of brass, bronze or aluminum to improve the thermal conductivity.This aluminum layer will not release anything harmful food, because it is covered with a solid stainless steel.
Look, you have a smooth bottom of a pan, if he had any deformations.This will depend on how evenly the bottom layer will heat the food.Well, if the dishes insi
de a corrugated bottom - it is non-stick.In a saucepan cook the food can be without oil.This is especially important if you are on a diet, or in the house has a small child.
Check the quality of the product cover.It should be closed very tightly.Modern transparent lid of heat-resistant glass is very convenient - you can monitor cooking without opening pan .
Pay attention to additional useful details, which may have a high-quality stainless steel pan:
• wooden handle makes it possible to do without tack;
• from a small hole in the lid will come out pairs;
• Some models are supplied with a sensor that indicates the temperature of the liquid in the pan;
• welded handles the toughest;
• fashionable removable handle save more space in the closet;
• Some knobs when draining hot broth pressed cover.
Rate exterior of the pan.If it pleases you with its splendor, it is not only beautiful, but also practical.According to experts, matte surface cools faster brilliant.Therefore, if you buy a bowl of gleaming stainless steel, food in it will stay hot for a long time.

Tip 2: How to choose the stainless steel cookware

stainless steel cookware has recently come to our kitchen.It is very convenient, has a presentable appearance, the range is very wide.Not for nothing because stainless steel is called "material of the century."For the production of the dishes often use the "18/10" - this marking means the percentage of chromium in the steel and nickel.
How to choose a stainless steel cookware
to select quality utensils made of stainless steel, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria.Good dishes have to be "dual" or even "triple" bottom.It should also be extruded or cast.The cast, however, much more expensive than stamped, and is found in our kitchens are much less likely.It has a good consumer characteristics and is much longer.Here are just stamped utensils attract modern customers more often.And all because of the low price.
stainless steel cookware should not be easy.Before you buy be sure to hold it in their hands.Note the wall thickness of cookware - they do not in any way need to be thin.Also on the dishes should not have any defects: scratches, bumps, dents and others.Look at the quality of the polishing.Remember that the matte surface cools faster than shiny.
Get dishes in specialized stores.Buy it on the market - certainly perished idea.After all, this cookware will last you a maximum of 3 years.No wonder they say that miser pays twice.So it is better not to save money on the dishes, and immediately buy one that will serve you for a long time and as they say, faithfully.
After buying cookware do not forget about the proper care of it.Caring for stainless steel cookware is not very difficult, but nevertheless, this should be done.Treat dishes with a soft sponge, do it under warm water and detergent.If you want to keep shine steel cookware, you have to polish it.Lime stains from the surface of stainless steel can be removed using vinegar or citric acid.If you follow all the rules of care, your dishes will delight you for many years after purchase.
  • how to choose high-quality stainless steel cookware
observe the service life of stainless steel pots.These products are very durable, but with the passage of time on their internal surface can be formed cracks - home for germs.Wash old dish before each cooking.
Helpful Hint
sure to consult the dealer department of home appliances, how to care for your new cookware.Otherwise, you can ruin it.For example, during operation of the pan of stainless steel, you can leave it permanently cold salt water or brine.From this spot the bottom of a can.This does not affect the quality of the cooking and does not mean that the product is bad.
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