you need
  • -means paint stripper;
  • -shpatel;
  • -rezinovye gloves;
  • -nazhdachnaya sandpaper or sander;
  • -Mineral kerosene;
  • -termopistolet (Construction hairdryer);
  • -otbelivatel;
  • -zheleznaya brush;
  • -finishnoe cover.
Liquid funds erode paint , and she freely laundered mineral kerosene or even a conventional warm water.Visit any major hardware store.Not to seek the necessary funds for the huge windows, check with the seller.Means for removing the ink may be liquid, or water soluble jelly.The latter must be diluted with water as it is sold in dry form.Before applying the substance on the wood surface be sure to wear rubber gloves
.Dosing specified on the packaging and depends on the type of substance and producer, well read the instructions before you begin to do something.
If you decided not to use a liquid or simply did not find it, you can try to remove a layer of paint with a sharp spatula.Laborious and lengthy process.Not always paint is removed completely, and the surface of the wood deteriorates under the influence of a spatula.After removing the main layers processed products sandpaper or sander.If you are using, be careful, do not turn it into the most powerful mode, due to the rapid rotation of the nozzle, you can sometimes ruin the tree.
Melt - a professional tool, which is due to the flow of hot air in a matter of minutes removes a layer of old paint.If you have a wonderful tool, then use it.Direct the flow of hot air onto the surface - the paint will start to peel off.Finally lightly scrape the surface with a spatula, and the work is complete.
If after removing the old paint, you find that the surface of the wood darkened, use bleach.Take any bleach or oxygen bleach is not diluted with water three times and with a metal sponge treated surface.Rinse with water is not necessary because the smell of paint would kill the "flavor" of chlorine.After all the above actions, can cause Finish: stain, varnish, paint or other means.