First eliminate the prerequisites for a fungus .He is well propagated in a moist and warm environment is not enough.So make it a rule as often as possible ventilate the apartment, do not close the curtains during the day, in the room fell to enough sunlight.
Keep open the vents in the bathroom and toilet.Even better - to establish powerful fans there.Often, mold lives in the old pipes, which is going to condensation.Change the sewer system, because it is very dangerous to use wa
ter contaminated by a fungus.
between furniture and walls leave a small space to ensure good air circulation.Ideal - buy a special home device that will control the level of humidity.Optimal shall not exceed 35%.
To remove the fungus, it is necessary to thoroughly clean off the coating with all the affected areas.It will be easier to make if you first apply for infection soda and sprinkle it on top of the vinegar.You may have to remove the plaster after disputes penetrate very deeply.After this cleaning process the surface with a high temperature - will come to the aid of building a hair dryer or a special lamp.
then need to dilute with water copper sulfate in the 1: 1 and very well miss the mark the entire surface, including cracks.The fungus does not tolerate such treatment and should disappear.Instead of vitriol can take advantage of special antiseptic, there are plenty of them, these drugs are sold in hardware stores.After the treatment, apply on the wall or ceiling finish final.