you need
  • - sponge;
  • - soda;
  • - metal brush;
  • - "Schuman" / "Aromix 60" / "Antinagar" etc.
Sage - is a product of combustion of organic compounds.Clean it with the surface of the cast-iron boiler will help you abrasives (crisp, fine-grained material).If the outer walls of a small layer of soot , use the soda.Take sponge rigid fibers.Moisten it with water.Apply baking soda on the dirty surface.And soot rubbed in a circular motion, until completely clean the boiler.
But if the layer of soot is 1-2 mm, this method is not suitable.To clear such pollution need exposure to high temperatures.Fill the pot with water.Bring it to a boil.Carefully drain all the water.Take a stiff brush with metal bristles and longitudinal movements c
lean the soot.In this way, you can remove a base layer of soot.The remaining pollution clean with soda or detergents containing abrasives.
to clean the soot layer, whose thickness is 3mm or more, use the "Schumann."After cleaning with a wire brush, wear rubber gloves and apply evenly to the walls of the boiler this tool.Penetrating through the resulting mechanical action furrow active substances "Shumanita" penetrate deep into the dirt and grime quickly dissolved.But as a part of the tool consists of a strong chemical solvents, observe safety measures.And before cooking in the pot further treat it with detergent for dishes.
To clean enamelled boilers only use chemicals, which contain substances that dissolve soot.The fact that the metal brushes and abrasives may damage enamel boiler begins to corrode.Therefore, the mechanical action in this case should be minimized.
to carefully and quickly clean enamel pot soot using either of the following: "Aromix 60", "Antinagar", "Universal PD", "Sitroglim."When using these tools follow the instructions.If you remove all dirt immediately failed, then repeat the procedure a number of times.