Tip 1: How to wash glassware

Through refinement and sophistication, Glassware hostesses often used for serving festive table.Because of its features it requires careful handling and proper care.That is why, to dishes delight you with their brilliance and beauty as long as possible, you need to learn how to wash it.
you need
  • - a 9% vinegar;
  • - rice grain or coarse sand;
  • - ammonia;
  • - baking soda;
  • - «White»
  • - dry mustard powder;
  • - soft sponge;
  • - special rinse aid for dishwasher
Wash glass bowl so that her left ugly divorce help ordinary a 9% vinegar.Pour into a small container for washing dishes a little warm water and add a tablespoon of vinegar.A good alternative to it is salt.
to wash the inside covered with white or green with a touch of glass decanter, pour warm water into it.Add a tablespoon of vinegar and leave for a couple of hours.Then pour into a carafe handful of rice grains or coarse sand.Shake well and rinse with warm water.If plaque is not washed, use a solution of ammonia or ba
king soda with the addition of crushed eggshells.You can also add a tablespoon of "whiteness."After its use, the decanter should be thoroughly rinsed, preferably several times.
Pour into a small bowl of hot water and dissolve it in a tablespoon of dry mustard powder.Use a soft sponge thoroughly rub dishes and then rinse with clean warm water.At the end of washing dishes wiping is not necessary, it is better to put an edge to all the water glass.You can also use a special dryer, which can be purchased at any hardware store.
If you use a dishwasher, the times can be seen on glassware lime.To get rid of it, use the special corporate rinse.It facilitates drainage of water from the dishes during its drying chamber filled with steam.Or fill a plastic bowl with clear vinegar, and put it in her glasses minute 15. After this, rinse them well under running water and dry naturally.

Tip 2: How to wash glassware

glassware used on a daily basis and is an inherent part of various banquets and celebrations, as the festive table gives a special grace.Because of its features such dishes requires appropriate care.Therefore, to make it a long time to please the housewives for their purity, it is necessary to learn how to wash it.
How to wash glassware
Before you wash the dishes fine glass , remove from the hands of bracelets and rings that may scratch it.Make a small container soapy water and start to wash it turns objects each holding with both hands.Gently manipulate dishes clean sponge or soft cotton cloth.
If there are stains on the glass, ototrite them with a soft toothbrush.Rinse the dish such twice, first in a bowl with hot water and dilute it with vinegar (30 ml), and then under a stream of lukewarm tap water.
Glasses and glasses wipe salt or rinse in warm water with vinegar.Thoroughly wash and not wiping, allow the water to drain.
glass carafes or bottles, which have a narrow neck better wash with brushes should.To restore shine, fill them half-crushed egg shells, pieces of newspaper or grated potatoes.Then pour the warm water in them (not the top), and begins to shake for several minutes.Pour the contents and rinse vessels thoroughly first with warm, then hot water.
Wash utensils of heat-resistant glass on the burnt food can be as follows: Pour a small amount of soapy water and boil.After that, well, wash with a sponge and mild detergent.
If the dishes were unpleasant odors, wash it with a solution of warm water and dry mustard.Pour it into a bowl to the edges, stir and leave for 20 minutes.After this first rinse with warm and then cold water.
to wash expensive and very valuable glass bowl , mix the water with the alcohol (ethanol) and add a few drops of ammonia solution.Water with ammonia effectively washed clean of pollution, and will accelerate the evaporation of the alcohol.Clean items soaked in a solution bezlintovymi pads or cotton swab.
In no case can not be washed glassware or emery powder formulations that contain sand and metal brushes, and sponges.
Helpful Hint
glass objects coated with them drawing or gilding is recommended to wash with warm water and dry with linen towels.

To prevent streaks and smudges on the inside of the cup, you need to dry them upside down on a china lattice.

green precipitate formed in a glass vase for flowers, easily washed with a solution of warm water and vinegar (a teaspoon per gallon of water).
  • how to clean glassware
glassware can not be cleaned with metal brushes or abrasive cleaners.
Helpful Hint
to wash dishes with a glass of juice or stains from red wine, put it on a few hours in the water with baking soda.

heavily soiled dishes are well washed in water with powdered charcoal or wood ashes.