you need
  • soft sponge
  • Lemon juice
  • Soda
  • Ammonia
  • Water
  • dishwashing detergent
  • soft cloth
Knives and forks after the usual lunch or dinner, you can simply wash with the usual detergent for dishes.For the daily care of the dishes made of stainless steel that is usually sufficient in the event that the dishes were not very greasy.
Dissolve 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a glass of water.Dampen a sponge and wipe with a solution of particularly contaminated sites.Then rinse the product with warm running water and posushite.
Grease stains are cleaned perfectly ordinary baking soda.On a sponge or s
oft cloth with a little dial soda and wipe dirt.Rinse with a fork or a knife under hot running water and put to dry.
for general cleaning in the kitchen can be a solution of ammonia.5-10 drops of ammonia dissolve in a liter of water.Wipe this solution the entire article.After such a bath pots will look like new.
If the pot burnt food - need radical measures.In no case do not tear off the bottom that stuck to it.Stainless steel, of course, will not crack and not obobetsya but pristine luster will be lost irretrievably.The worst case - a burnt-porridge.Sprinkle a handful of salt on the bottom so that it covered all the burnt place.Leave the pot alone, and after wash.If burnt milk, you need to activated carbon.Grind it into powder and pour the bottom, and a quarter of an hour, wash the pan.After that, wipe the dishes with water with lemon juice and rinse with warm water.