you need
  • glue, needle, syringe, spatula, sponge
Put fabric wallpaper on the wall, take a special spatula wallpaper (lightweight tool with rounded tips to prevent damage to the wallpaper) and run the spatula along the track first, and then from side to side to level it and release air bubbles.Do not pull the wallpaper, just put them on the wall and flatten slightly to the side.If the wallpaper to tighten, after drying, they will shrink and disperse canvas, forming a gap.You take the time and the result of your work will be in a bad mood.
On wallpaper bubbles formed even if you carefully and accurately perform the job.It's not terrible, this is the feature of the process.Once
the wallpaper dry, they stretched over the wall and bubbles themselves disappear.Follow the recommended suggestions, which are attached to each roll of wallpaper.Do not open the window in time to work.Wallpapers need to dry naturally, or they will fall behind the wall.If after the wallpaper dried up, they were bubbles , this trouble can be helped.
Pierce bubbles with a needle and iron spatula these places, the air is released, and the wallpaper stretched.There is another option to remove bubbles .Take the syringe and type in a liquid adhesive.Pierce gently inwards and run wallpaper glue.Spend on the bubble spatula, spreading the glue inside so that it fills the entire space.Squeeze out excess glue on the surface, and remove the remains of a damp sponge.
To remove bubbles , do not cut the fabric, if you are not sure how to behave wallpaper after such an operation.You will not be able to glue the ends of the cuts again, because of the peculiarities of wallpaper.Cutting the wallpaper, you are violating their integrity of the coating film and the base, so stick these cuts is extremely difficult.After drying, the wallpaper to tighten, and the ends of the cuts will disperse again forming a slit.If you use a special glue to help this trouble, after the glue has dried, it proved to be not at its best.On the surface of the web will be a trace of glue.